HYT H20 All Black 251-AD-468-RF-RU Replica Watch

HYT H20 All Black 251-AD-468-RF-RU Replica Watch


HYT expands its range - H1 falls and H2 arrives

Tired of subversive speeches and methods, Vincent Perriard returned to the conversation set in 2012 with a contract with a brand that understood the ultimate watchmaker's challenge: making watch movements Enter the world of fluids, where every drop of fluid is said to be eradicated. Something not seen since the leak 3,400 years ago!

He persevered after a round of investment allowed him to put Ernst Thomke (the now-dead Hayek Sr.'s ex-partner) on the board, followed by a global pre-order tour with selected distributors.

In 2013, HYT was born mixing skin color and vivid tonal variations of the famous liquid, through an ingenious pressure system, as a time indicator. Technologically sophisticated, hermetically sealed glass tubes count time through the progression of fluids. HYT H1 Azo project, its 48.8mm Polyepox yellow box meets retrograde fluid time.

Then there's H1 TB, short for Hybrid Titanium and Bronze, in micro-blasted and satin finishes.

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Bronze in the air, it heats the yellow fluorine fluid while accentuating the staggered, hand-wound HYT of the in-house mechanical movement, generously endowed with a power reserve of 65 hours. Apparently, 5N rose gold is also on the menu with the H1 RED2, whose liquid turns bright red.

As for the H1 Diamond Dome trilogy, it is sometimes rejected in a DLC - Diamond Like Carbon - treated titanium case, which has 9 white diamonds on the 6am rider, rimmed in a micro bar (0.16 ct VVS clarity), sometimes, chrysoberyl dome models in place of the black sapphire dome, 9 gems cut in miniature rods (0.17 and 0.18 ct). Since any adventure awaits trying to convert, the hydromechanical watchmaker's perriardienne bag reserved the chance for us to unveil the H2 at Baselworld 2013, seeking the finished hybrid. We'll talk about that later, especially when watchmaker Gulio Papi and his team are involved...

Inside HYT H5: The Art of Reinventing Time

Inspired by how erosion shapes the planet, HYT invites collectors to rethink the concept of time. We recently met with HYT CEO Gregory Dourde for an interesting conversation about time, the watch industry and the new HYT H5.

Since the beginning of the story in 2012, HYT has shaken the watch industry with its liquid mechanical timepieces. Their futuristic watches are still very mechanical, but display the time "smoothly" and are designed to appeal to a younger, cooler audience. For the new H5, HYT has created a new movement based on the idea that opposites attract, thus creating a timeless harmony. To better understand the thinking behind HYT's reinventing the display time, we sat down with Gregory Dourde to dive into the thinking behind this timekeeper.

Over the last century, the watch industry has seen many advancements in precision and the adoption of new materials such as carbon. But it all follows the same principle. And, I think, what HYT brings and will continue to bring is thinking and rethinking. We don't try to make the most accurate watch in thousandths of a second. I believe what we are proposing is a new understanding, a new perspective on time.

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Our designs are based on erosion. Erosion is a mechanism that happens in nature when you have water and rain. what is it doing? It takes out stones and different elements layer by layer to discover the naked truth. We are here with a new mechanical movement.

As an innovative brand with these groundbreaking concepts, it comes with quite a few challenges, such as educating customers and the media. Therefore, the brand's communication focuses on sharing their new vocabulary because the idea is unique.

HYT cannot be explained in a minute; it takes time to explain the concepts and designs behind innovations. But more importantly, their watches are designed to spark curiosity and start conversations, and this H5 does exactly that.

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