Three myths about eco-friendly food packaging

Three myths about eco-friendly food packaging

If you've been working in the food industry for a while, you've probably realized how important food packaging is. Not only does it keep food clean,3oz ice cream cups with lid but it is often used to help maintain freshness and temperature over time. This decade has seen the emergence of various trends, such as the use of sustainable materials, resulting in eco-friendly food containers. Not only do these put your company in a good position, but they also greatly benefit our environment and reduce our carbon footprint.double wall cups manufacturer
Everyone agrees that paper cups and cartons are a good thing because they are useful while proving to be more environmentally friendly than single-use plastic.reusable coffee cup carry tray But that doesn't mean we can use it with no regard for the environment. Here are the misconceptions we're going to debunk today that perpetuate the wrong mindset. "Recycling can solve everything." You've probably been told that recycling is an effective way to save the planet.compostable sugarcane clamshell packaging box food container While this is true, it often leads people to buy more plastic materials because they think they will end up going through an endless cycle of "recycling" old plastics. What is the truth? Recycling is often expensive, and the disposal of used plastics and materials is often harmful to the environment.french bread bags wholesale Some recycling processes are even more costly to the environment, even though creating new paper or plastic may be more environmentally friendly."Sustainable packaging options are limited." Because you often see paper cups, bags and boxes that almost all look the same, it's easy to assume that packaging options haven't changed in the last decade-that's simply not the case. As people and businesses have become more interested in maintaining the lowest carbon footprint, packaging manufacturers have expanded their sustainable options from different looks to different materials such as recycled paper, bagasse,
polylactic acid (PLA) and more.
In some cases, the use of plastic is unavoidable, and you can even find packaging solutions made primarily of environmentally friendly materials that still use very small amounts of plastic. But don't worry, because more often than not,
these plastics are made from materials that decompose earlier than traditional plastics. "Sustainable packaging is expensive." People turn to plastic when they need a lasting solution without the high price tag.custom yogurt cups Alternatives to plastic are usually more expensive, which is why most people think that food boxes and cups made

from paper are costly, but that's not necessarily the case.wholesale double wall coffee cup The costs associated with it may seem high up front, but in the long run, they offer more rewards, including increased profits and a strong brand image. Companies that use eco-friendly packaging are known to attract loyal customers who follow the same agenda, creating a customer base that can sustain your business.custom popsicle sticks printing If you would like to make a positive change by getting more suitable food containers, please contact Hyde and we will be happy to find the best food containers for you to reduce your carbon footprint.

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