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Most of the Diabetes Consultant and sugar specialist in Chennai agreed that diabetes is not a deadly disease if it's prevented or controlled at early stages. Some treatment includes lifestyle strategies and sometimes medication can do well.

But following the best diet with natural and Most Effective home remedies would also help take complete care of Diabetes. Having said that adding naturally derived herbal sugar also plays a vital role in maintaining your blood sugar level. Without further ado, let's jump in on finding the Most Effective Remedies for Complete Diabetes care.

5 Most Effective Remedies For Diabetes care By Dr. Mohan - Best Diabetologists in Chennai.

Check out this Natural Remedies for Hassle-free Diabetic Diet Plan.


  1. Nopal.

It contains several substances, including fiber, which helps in controlling and normalizing blood sugar levels.


  1. Omega-3:

Most of the Best Diabetologists in Chennai recommends taking Omega-3 from Fish, as this helps increase insulin sensitivity in diabetic patients for controlling blood glucose levels.


  1. Cinnamon:

Simply taking half a teaspoon of cinnamon per day helps control blood sugar levels with the most effective world.


  1. Onions:

According to the diabetes consultant, consuming 100 grams of raw onions per day helps lower blood sugar levels in patients with diabetes type 1 and 2.


  1. Blueberries:

This is another miraculous natural remedy for diabetes that helps prevent eye problems related to this disease.


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Although natural remedies can help control blood sugar levels, you should also consult with a specialist diabetes consultant first if you're already following medical treatment.

We know Diabetes is a very crucial disease, the reason for diabetes is, when the pancreas is not producing enough insulin, according to the top 3 diabetologists in Chennai. One of our Diabetes consultant / specialists in Chennai stated that if it is untreated, it can cause many complications. So, we designed to provide the best treatment in our diabetes hospital in Chennai at payable fees.

If you want to see visible results in lowering your blood sugar level, add the above-mentioned remedies. Consult your Sugar specialist in Chennai once before adding anything to your diabetic diet routine.

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