Arabic Transcription Services

The article goes through various aspects in the difficulty of transcribing Arabic and also lists how Arabic transcription services are here to help you

Transcription is the process of restating spoken words in a written format. When the process of transcription is incorporated into the Arabic language it is known as Arabic transcription. Transcription not only includes transcribing the sentences into the same language but also might incorporate the notion of transcribing and translating into another language. The later can include English to Arabic transcription services. 

The Arabic language is considered relatively difficult to learn in the English speaking world. It is due to some of its inimitable qualities – some of which might confound even expert transcribers – Arabic transcription has to be done through professional transcription services. Let us iterate some of the reasons why Arabic transcription is arduous and how Arabic transcription services will help you out:


  1. Dialects: the Arabic language has more than 20 dialects. Some of the spoken dialects are indistinguishable from major Arabic dialect – like Levantine, Egyptian – which is more popular if somebody is learning Arabic. However, native speakers will find it much easier to understand and transcribe Arabic.
    Online transcription services act as a bridge between professional transcribers and you. It makes transcribing faster, with optimal quality, and cost-effective.
  2. Writing: Transliteration of Arabic is inaccurate. Transliteration doesn’t distinguish between sun and moon letters. Automated translation is even more unreliable. Novel apprentices of the language will tell – writing from left to right is damn hard. Also, written Arabic neglects vowel and for a non-native inexpert user of language, it becomes theoretically difficult to come to terms with it. Besides, you can always use Arabic to English transcription services for easy to understand transcripts. 
  3. Niche: Transcriptions as any other profession requires learning and improving. As non-native learners will know colloquial expressions are hard to learn. Even native speakers find technicalities to be difficult. This creates a segue towards specialization is special transcription niche. Legal, Medical, and business-related transcriptions all form the basis of transcription, but none of them are executed by a single transcriptionist.  
    Online transcription services act as a link between specialist transcribers and the perfect transcript that you desire. Online transcription services employ numerous transcribers – even for a single language – whose focus will be different and distinct from the other.
  4. Services – All the points mentioned above are well and fine. However, for you to reap the benefits a transcription has to have three essential qualities – accurate, hassle-free, and cheap Arabic transcription rates. Online transcription services assure fast turnovers, privacy, accuracy, and transparent rates. This is where online Arabic transcription services repeatedly will outperform your top of the mill – singular – transcribers.
Professional Arabic transcription services
Arabic transcription online services are easy to use. You begin by uploading your audio files. Online Arabic Transcription Company receives and forwards your files to a professional and experienced transcriber. These transcribers know their way around multiple speakers, bad audio quality, and noises. They are also experienced native experts – thus ensuring optimum quality. Having experienced transcribers transcribing your transcripts – wow those are too many “Trans” – ensures your projects get completed under a required deadline. After completion, a proofreader will check for errors in transcripts – provides a magical touch. 

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