The underlying question here is

The underlying question here is Rocket League Items

The underlying question here is, “Why do game passes even exist?” That’s thorny. For years now, AAA games have been moving away from a one-time purchase model and towards a model called “games as a service.” Square Enix, for example, has said that in the future it “will approach game design with a mind to generate recurring revenue streams.” These “revenue streams” manifested in Final Fantasy XV as downloadable content, which players could purchase after spending $50 on the base game. Ubisoft’s chief financial officer Alain Martinez has said that the publisher is expecting 25 percent of its revenue to come from player investment in 2019. “The video game industry is littered with the corpses of game studios that took the fire-and-forget approach,” wrote Kotaku editor Jason Schreier in a 2017 article about “games as a service,” the buzzterm for these monetization plays. “This big shift was always inevitable.” Now, after mass backlash from both gamers and governments, companies like Electronic Arts are turning their backs on loot boxes—but they’ve got to replace them with something else that keeps the cash coming in, or, at least, keeps players motivated.

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