Best Way to Curl Hair With a Straightener

Find out best way to curl hair with a straightener in this post. I have written about it in detail here.

Which is the best way to curl hair with a straightener? Everyone knows that using a straightener in combination with hot oil treatments is the best way to get straight hair done. However, what other types of hair do you need to consider?

What about the ones that are on your pillow and that have been lying there for years? These can be curled up into fantastic curls if you gently blow dry them. If they have been exposed to the sun, then using a straightener or curling iron can help create more lustrous waves on top.

Another problem with frizzy hair is to apply heat to the wet ends to help style them straight. Using a straightener is the best way to get this done without risking the hair over drying. Doing so can lead to more damage to the hair by damaging the cuticle of the hair as well as stripping the natural oils from the hair that make it healthy.

Straighteners do the same thing as heat treatments - they dry the hair but also add moisture by moisturizing the follicles. This can add bounce to the style and make the hair soft. On the flip side, the ends will be dry and brittle when you wash it. Also, check out best anti humidity hair spray here.

For hair that tends to get damaged by styling, hair styling gels or spray on products can work great. Gels or sprays can help prevent your hair from breaking out and can even help to add body to the hair. They are sometimes used with a blow dryer in order to lock in the moisture.

Curling irons can be the best way to curl hair with a straightener. You can have your fingers crossed on the hot temperature of the straightener for you to get good results. When you use a flat iron, you are using a different heating method that actually heats up the hair shaft rather than the cuticle.

The heat applied to the top of the hair helps to expand the hair. With straight hair that is fully grown, you can use curling irons to add length and style to the hair as well. Some people find that the extensions used to get that "straight look" are great for those who do not have naturally curly hair.

By taking these things into consideration, you will be able to find the best method to curl hair with a straightener. Your hair will thank you for it, because you can feel proud of yourself every time you wear your hair in this style. With proper care, you can keep your hair looking and feeling its best.

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