How to Winterize Your Protect Outdoor Rattan Set

People enjoy sitting outdoors on their Garden Lounge Set throughout the spring, summer and fall

As the fall gets chillier, many of us reluctantly realize it is time to prepare for the winter. People enjoy sitting outdoors on their Garden Lounge Set throughout the spring, summer and fall. But when the threat of the first snow is near, you must protect your wicker furniture against the harshness of winter. Cold weather and freezing rain can be harmful to your favorite wicker pieces. Consider basic ways to protect your wicker furniture in the winter to prolong the life of chairs, tables and more. After all, you want enjoy using it again on the first warm days next spring. Learn about protecting your wicker furniture in the winter below.

Varnishing and Waxing

One way to protect your garden furniture through the winter months is by waxing or varnishing it. Coating your wooden garden furniture gives it an added layer of protection against the elements. Varnishes and waxes treat the wood with much-needed moisture, which protects against rain and frost, and prevents your furniture from degrading.

Wood is a natural substance, and its lifespan can be extended if it is properly cared for. There are a wide variety of varnishes available, in colourless or coloured shades. If you’d prefer to use something more natural, beeswax makes a great alternative.

You need to know though, that you need to treat your furniture with a coat of varnish during the sunnier months, as it can begin to deteriorate when wet, so wait for a dry day to coat your furniture. To ensure your furniture is coated properly, you’ll first need to brush the wood down to remove any dirt or debris. You also might want to quickly sand off any uneven areas to remove the original varnish. This allows the wood to absorb the new varnish speedily and evenly. Use a straight ended brush to apply the varnish in even strokes. Leave it to dry for a couple of hours before applying a second coat. Once you’ve done this your furniture will be protected be more protected from the elements.


Properly treating furnishings that sit outside is a must. The best way to treat your outdoor furniture will vary based on material, but as always, consult the recommended care instructions for your specific patio set before you begin. Our general guidelines are listed below.

Fabric protector for textiles: Treat outdoor textiles, such as pillows and cushions, with a good fabric protector after a thorough wash.

Wax coating for finished metal and aluminum: If there are no signs of corrosion, a coating of paste wax will protect metal finishes.

Fresh paint for corroded metal: If metal pieces are painted and there is corrosion, lightly sand the corrosion off and apply a fresh coat of primer and paint. This adds visual appeal and preserves your furniture.

Waterproof sealant for wood: Sealant keeps wood from absorbing unwanted moisture, which leads to warping and cracks

Soap and water for plastic: Plastic furniture is one of the simplest types to maintain. Simply wash in warm soapy water and let dry.


If you don’t have space to store your patio furniture indoors during the winter months, outdoor furniture covers are an absolute must. Waterproof furniture covers help protect your outdoor furniture from some of winter’s worst weather conditions, such as rain, sleet, snow, and wind. Even if you are planning to store your furniture inside, consider covers for protection against dust, dirt, and pests. Outdoor furniture covers can also be used year-round to protect your furniture from fading and keep it clean between uses.

Indoors, Garage, or Shed

If you have the space to store your patio furniture in a garage or shed, you should still consider using a lightweight cover to keep it protected from water leaks and dust. You should always try to bring in plastic furniture if you live in an area that frequently faces freezing weather. Plastic will get brittle during long exposure to cold temperatures.

While it may take an afternoon or two to winterize patio furniture, it’s well worth it. Keeping it clean and protected with a durable cover while not in use will prolong the life of your furniture so you can rest easy during the winter months knowing your outdoor investments are safe and sound.

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